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What to Avoid and Shouldn’t Eat During the Holiday or Festivals

The coming of holiday brings the best time to get your hands and stuff yourself with the best of food and delicacies that not only turns your mood on for the holiday and the best time of the year. Having said that there are also other issues that not only bring the happy feeling but also the increased in calories but here are certain list of holiday foods you shouldn’t eat such as:

• Eggnog
• Candied Yams
• Stuffed Potato
• Cheese straw
• Fruit Cake
• Pecan Pie
• Cheesecake
• Stuffing 
• Mincemeat pie
• Candy canes
• Swedish Meatballs
• Spinach and Artichoke Dip
• Prime Ribs
• Well Roasted Turkey with skin
• Gingerbread
• Yule log or Bûche de Noël

In addition there are other ways of enjoying the holiday but also keeping a watch on the waist line and be fit. These are creating the most important wave with 15 best ways to avoid holiday weight gain by the following ways such as:\
• Weight twice in a week
• Exercise is a must 
• Stay away from candies, chocolates and everything that has high calorie
• Carry along at work healthy home cooked or lunch or healthy snacks 
• Pull all the will power to say no to fast food and cheesecakes 
• Keep away from oil, fats, carbonated drinks, alcohol and wine
• Always prefer water and drink in huge quantity
• Mix vegetables and high water content vegetables are the best
• Enjoy every bite and chew slowly
• Prefer smaller plates and servings
• Break every meal and eat at an interval that will help in avoiding rigorous craving 
• Share with your friends with the leftovers of the dinner
• Start drinking green or peppermint tea that will help against gas and relaxation of the muscles
• Add maximum of Potassium in the meal
• Keep a diary to maintain every food and weight count

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