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Build Muscles With Your Inner Purification by Yoga

Yoga, have you ever think that you can make your arms solid with yoga practice. It's time to do yoga to get strengthen muscles with a refuled pure soul. Now, its possible to gain muscle mass with soul purification with yoga.

Yoga is beneficial for you to free your mind from stress. A whole body of men mind, body and soul, when men have proper control on these three entities then he can be completely fit. Generally, the today's hactic lifestyle and work stress taking away your physical and mental fitness so far from you even you can't sleep in nights properly.

When we hear about yoga we only think about a man sitting on floor with cross legs and chanting old mantras with deep breathes, are you thinking the same? Yes, that is called yoga, because yoga requires only you nothing else, no weights no machines, only you. Yoga is all about lifting and holding your own weight. Still you have question in your mind, is it possible to build arm muscles and strength without using machines and other equipments? I simply say yes, Your body weight have enough resistance for that.

Now, What is Yoga? Yoga is a meditation and strength-training exercise that totally done by you only for you. Yoga is all about lifting your weight yourself.

Yoga is 5,000 year old traditional life science. Now a days the benefits of yoga is on new heights, world is shocked by knowning the benefits of the yoga. Its becoming so popular these days. So say bye bye to spaghetti-noodle arms, start yoga from today and see the benefits.

Here given below are some guidelines that may increase your performance and yoga postures for Muscle Building Yoga: -


  1. Only stretching is not yoga.

  2. There is something for everyone in yoga applications.

  3. Best yoga benefit you can get after training session or on rest days.

  4. Lets assume that your body don't have weight, it's free of weight.


Yoga is beneficial for both men & women, both can do it on their way to gain perfect health. There is no limit of the benefits of yoga and there is no limit of Muscle Building Yoga Poses. Here below given are Muscle building yoga for man to get a perfect muscle body: -


  • Mountain (Tadasana)

  • Tree (Vrksasana)

  • Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I)

  • Downward-Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

  • High Lunge (Crescent Lunge)

  • Boat (Navasana)

  • Locust (Salabhasana)

  • Bridge (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

  • Navasana

  • Uttplutih

  • Plank

  • Chaturanga Dandasana

  • Bakasana

  • Astavakrasan

  • Headstand

  • Pinchamayurasana

  • Handstand

  • Vishwamitrasana

  • Pigeon

  • Shoelace

  • Shoulder Stand

  • Cobra Pose


The fitness yoga and muscle building is now not impossible for womens. They can gain muscles with the yoga with spending a little time on it. Here below given are some yoga postures for women for muscle building: -



  • Plank

  • Chaturanga

  • Side Plank

  • Chair

  • Tree Pose

  • Triangle Pose

  • Cobra Pose

  • Shoulder-Stand

  • Cat-Cow Pose

  • Low Lunge to Gentle Twist

  • Revolved Lunge to Exalted Warrior Variation

  • Warrior II to Revolved Triangle

  • Plank to Four-Limbed Staff

  • Upward Facing Dog to Downward Facing Dog

  • Forward Fold to Grland Pose

  • Chair Pose to Aeroplane

  • Lizard Pose


We may call yoga the best positive way of living with the most desired way. Yoga not only gives better body posture but it offers you Healthy sleep, perfect diet, and removal of toxins from body. We may call yoga the most advance way to get muscles. So, to live a happy, healthy and better life you have to try it once.


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