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Best Comfort Foods to Facilitate Fast Weight Loss by Men and Women!

 Regular consumption of some comfort foods that burn fat easily and quickly, is recommended for desired success of any weight-loss program. Again, these comfort foods also form an essential part of the healthy diet plans for staying healthy and fit by men, women, and growing kids. The Comfort Foods for weight loss are nothing but those food items which are very nutritious, low-in-calorie, and rather tasty and satisfying, besides being easily available. Actually, the foods to be taken during the program for weight loss, must be low in calories, high in nutrition, emollient to body fatigue and stresses, and supportive to burning of body fat. The comfort foods for weight loss and body fitness inherently possess these qualities.

Some fat-burning recipes, such as low-fat or low-calorie diet recipes, and juice recipes, are also advisable to be taken regularly during the weight-loss program, along with consuming the comfort foods for weight loss fast.

  1. Spinach - This nutritional powerhouse keeps you satisfied with no cravings for foods or more calories.  
  2. Broccoli - It is high in dietary fiber and micro-nutrients, and reduces calorific intake.
  3. Hot Chocolate - Rich in Cocoa Anti-Oxidants
  4. Roasted Carrots/Potatoes - Together with fiber and water, these also contain anti-oxidants/Allicin. 
  5. Brown Rice - This nutritious whole grain contains many vital micro-nutrients, and helps loss of weight. 
  6. Apples - These enhance immune system, lower cholesterol, and promote burning of fat. 
  7. Collard Greens - A rich source of vitamins A and K, and Fiber.
  8. Green Tea - This healthiest beverage on Earth is extremely rich in anti-oxidants, and helps burning of fat.  
  9. Oatmeal - It contains enough protein and fiber, and makes body satisfied with scant calories. 
  10. Pumpkin - Besides micro-nutrients and fiber, it offers beta-carotene to fight stresses and inflammation. 
  11. Chickpeas - Its protein, fiber, and other nutrients keep you satisfied and lose weight easily.
  12. Roasted Meat - Its qualitative protein enables body to burn fat
  13. Coffee - A well-known source of Caffeine and Chlorogenic Acid (CGA)

The calorific intake taken daily during the weight-loss program depends on many factors, such as the age, gender, weight loss target, work-schedules, and status of overweight. In general, a moderately overweight man and women aged between 25-45 years, and subject to medium to high working conditions, should consume about 2000 and 1800 calories respectively, to lose 2 Kg in one month (i.e. for burning about 500 calories per day through exercises). This calorific value includes all calories taken from daily meals, calories contained in comfort foods, and calories offered by juice recipes for weight loss. Hence, the diet plan for weight loss, should be made keeping these facts in mind.

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