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100% Proven tips to make your thighs slimmer by a2zdiet-plan

Every person whether they are men's or women's wants thinner thighs but in todays time most of the people are struggling with the thigh fat problem. Some persons have this in their genetics or some get it by their fitness routine.

Do you ever feel that your thighs are clapping with each other while running or walking fast, then you really at the extreme level to start the thigh fat lose workout. Now, you ask how to lose weight in your thighs, we are here giving you the 100% verified and tested thigh lose tips for men and women.


1. Exercises: - Here below given exercises are the most helping exercises from last many decades to lose thigh fat. Follow the exercises as given here: -

Lie face down and raise your legs from above the knees and hold it for minimum of 15-20 seconds. Gradually take-up it more heigher and repeat this step atleast 20 times per day.

Sit on floor, keep your back-bone straight. Now place your left arm over left knee and right arm over right knee.Now, move your right foot to left hand and hold it for 5 seconds. Now, repeat the same for left foot. Take a round of 10 for both left and right foots.

Sit on the floor with bent right knee and staright left leg. Now lift the straight leg upto 6-8 inches from the ground and hold down for 5 seconds. Now repeat it for another leg.

Get down on your knees and elbows with flat back. Raise your leg one by one for 5 seconds and repeat it for 10 times for both legs.

By holding the back of a chair stand facing towards chair. Now, move your left leg back and raise your leg with toe touching the ground. At 10-12 inch off the ground hold it for 5 seconds and repeat the same for right leg. Repeat the complete step for 20 times.

Stand about a wall and sit on base of thighs as you sit on a chair. Its like sitting on a chair without chair, only the position is same as sitting on chair. Hold it for 30 seconds.

Jumping is also very effective to lose weight in thighs, Jump atleast 20 times continuously and after 5 seconds jump again. Repeat the whole step 15 times.

Swimming and Bicycling may be also very very effective exercise to lose thigh fat.

These daily workouts are focused on the thigh fat lose. Sit less on your desk or take break in every 50-60 minutes from sitting at your desk.


2. Consume more foods at morning and afternoon:- Starting your day with complete nutrition diet is very important, its gives you energy for the complete day and starting of your day. But beware from eating the same heavy food at night or in 3 hours before going to sleep.


3. What to Eat & What to not: - Eat right food is most imporatnt to lose thigh fat. Below given is the list of items you should eat to maintain the thinner thighs:

Lean Protein: White poultry meat, soya and dairy products, fish, etc.

Vegetables: Spinach, Broccoli, Carrots, Peas, Beans, etc.

Fruits: Banana, Apple, Pears, etc.

Whole grains: Grain Pasta, Grain Bread, etc.

Nuts and Seeds: Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, Flax seeds, Almonds, Walnuts, etc.


Some foods are reason to gain weight, stay away from these foods:

Refined Sugars: Cakes, Candy, Soda, Cold drink, Sugar drinks, etc.

Simple Carbohydrates: Pasta, White bread, etc.

Saturated: Butter, Lard, Margarine, trans fat foods, etc.


4. Drink water more: - To keep your organs happy and make your body hydrated, drink lots of water. One another benefit of it's that you always feel that your stomach is full than it actually does. Before eating food drink one glass water. So, you can drop your weight by drinking water more.


5. Sleep Properly: - Sleeping enough may also control your weight. If you sleep less then human body produces a harmon called ghrelin and leptin and this is also the cause of the growing weight. So, take proper sleep of at least minimum of 6-7 hours daily.


If you want to lose thigh weight, you have follow these points because nothing good comes easy. Start following these from today and start lose fat from thighs. Because you can also look attractive and smart, its your right.


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